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Booklist Review Is In

Thank you, Booklist, for this beautiful review and for recognizing the themes that were so important for me to explore in Daughters of the Lamp. Check out the full review below:

“A memorable adventure that’s as exciting as it is insightful.”

When Sahara’s father surprises her with a trip to his Egyptian hometown for a family wedding, she’s apprehensive. Though she’s never set foot in the country or met her relatives, she’s swept up in warm embraces and new friendships, but things take a turn for the bizarre with the appearance of her uncle’s malevolent fiancé and a mysterious glowing necklace. Scientifically minded Sahara must now contend with the fact that magic could be real—and that she may have to use it to save both her family and the world. This terrific two-pronged adventure toggles between 1980s Cairo and 985 CE Baghdad, bringing together modern life and classic tales of Ali Baba, with some gratifying twists. There’s also a profound exploration of tension between seemingly conflicting ideas—science and magic, American upbringing and Egyptian heritage, the beauty and messiness of life itself—and the relief in accepting that both things may be possible at the same time. A memorable adventure that’s as exciting as it is insightful.

— Emily Graham

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